The Best Way to Write a Petition

Is there anything you would like to see changed in your country? If so, then the best way to obtain what you want is to write a petition. Petitions have without a doubt a great impact, but only if they are carefully thought out and written properly. Even though you have a certain cause or strategy in mind, it is essential that your petition is well-researched. Therefore, we will show you in this article what’s the best way to write a petition.

Formulate Your Request
It is very important to correctly develop your argument. You must take your time and research your topic thoroughly. Have a close look on websites as well as literature about your cause. Make an idea about what the counterpoints to your arguments might be. Then you should verify the jurisdiction for the petition. Who will actually implement the petition? Is it going to be a school, your local government, or your office? Once you decide this you must have a look at the organization’s website in order to make sure that they are the correct body for your petition. It is also important to know exactly how many signatures you need. Take into account the fact that there are many government bodies that have guidelines regarding the number of signatures. The next step you must follow is the one that involves developing a very clear statement of your goal. The statement must be precise, concise, and informative, and it should give potential signers a quite strong idea of your cause.

Explain Your Cause
A brief summary of your cause is essential in order to successfully achieve your goal. Under the statement, you should add a paragraph that describes very well the nature of the issue as well as a proposed change or call. The issue must be described in a way that makes perfectly sense even for those who don’t know anything about the cause. Preparing your references for your statements is also another important aspect that you must consider. Keep behind your petition an additional sheet that cites the references you consulted. Don’t forget to include the title and the author of the reference, where you have found it, and the date you accessed it. Read your petition as many times as it is necessary in order to correct all the grammar errors. You definitely want to be taken seriously and for that you must have an impeccable text. Read it out loud several times in order to determine if it flows and makes sense.

Call People
Make all the necessary calls to action. Even though your opening statement will touch on what you actually want to see done, but it is also very important to add a brief paragraph in which to explain the desired result. Tell people what will happen in case the petition is fulfilled. Try to be concise but extremely specific. Don’t forget that people want to know in detail what will happen and how it will happen if you really want to obtain a certain result.

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