Best Online Petition Tools

There is no doubt that online petitions are an excellent way for any nonprofit to show its latest advocacy efforts. There are some useful online tools that can help tell the story of your organization online. If you want to find out more, then continue to read our article.

GoPetition is one of the most popular online tools that can help you quite a lot. The software has actually designed its petition templates as well as tag flow, in order to maximize the entire campaign search engine presence. GoPetition also comes with an author contact feature. This feature enables petition authors to receive any type of messages from signers. All these messages are not lost but sent to an inbox whcih can be accessed by logging into your account. In plus, this software allows updates to your online petition in order to notify supporters of any interesting news or campaign results. This will allow your signers who viist the petition for a second time, to be updated with your campaign’s progress. Do you want to add photos or videos to your petition? If so, then you can also do this by using GoPetition tool, whcih supports video embedding as well as picture embedding.

There are many other online tools that will allow you to easily and quickly create petitions and also collect signatures at no cost, but the they will charge for certain services. An excellent choice you could make is SignOn, which has recently been developed by, and it is at the moment in beta testing stage. However, it certainly offers a simple, free petition tool that allows you download the list of names as a .pdf. Another great tool you should confidently go for is This popular and very simple to use tool, allows users to create an online petition for free, but unfortunately charges a fee for exporting the final list. The Petition Site is also highly recommended due to the fact that it is the oldest online petition tool, used by people from every corner of the world. The Petition Site provides free basic features but charges fees to promote the petition or to download the names.

We also want to recommend Causes, another wonderful online petition tool that you must definitely try. Causes is best known as a fundraising tool. However, the software offers some basic petition as well as pledging abilities that allow people to stand up and be counted. Due to the fact that Causes integrates with Facebook, it is extremely simple for this platform’s users to pass on. This useful feature is excellent for those with active audiences on the social networking site. All in all, the online petition tools we have presented in this article will certainly be very helpful to anyone who plans to start an online petition in the future. They are super easy to use and even if you don’t have experience with this sort of programs you will still manage to use them. Therefore, make a good plan and start working for achieving your goal.

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