The Benefits of Paying High Taxes in France

There are many people who say that taxes in France are more advantageous than in any other country in Europe. Why are they saying that, and why are the opinions actually different regarding this aspect? If you are also quite confused and don’t know what to think, then we will show you in the following the benefits of paying high taxes in this state.

The first and most important thing that we want to mention in our article is the transport infrastructure road and rail, which is absolutely excellent in France. It is so due to the fact that the taxes are quite high in comparison to the taxes in other countries. There are frequent TGV trains on lots of long-distance routes throughout the entire country and not only. From this point of view, French people can say that they are extremely happy with the transport and the overall service. Unfortunately, in many other countries where the taxes are low, this aspect is not a satisfactory one. Another benefit of paying high taxes in France is that health care services are excellent. Most costs are covered, especially for those who are already retired. The life expectancy in this state is 83 years. This is not everything because the country also continuously benefits from ongoing improvements in infrastructure.

The advantages don’t end here because France has a well-trained and respected national police force, and this is also because of the high taxes. It is true that some things are not paid for by taxes but are definitely benefits of living in this state. In many countries, you will not have internet access in remote country villages, but this is not the case when it comes to France. The electric power here is quite cheap and you can also viist plenty of amazing attractions in nearly every medium or large city. Overall, paying high taxes is not disadvantageous absolutely at all because you have all the above benefits, benefits that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Therefore, just imagine how your life would look like with a bad medical system, an old and unsafe transport, and so on. You would certainly not like it, and you would most probably prefer paying higher taxes and have all the advantages we mentioned in this article. Therefore, at the end of the day, France is on a better level than many other countries in Europe, and foreigners are most welcome to live and work here.

The job market is also extremely promising in France and you have lots of chances to find the job of your dream and earn enough money to live decently. In plus, all single men who want to move to this beautiful country can hire an escort until they make new friends. French escorts are very pleasant girls and they can be found especially in big cities. If you don’t want to have an intimate relation with an escort then you can pay her for companionship. This is something that lots of men do in order to have some company during their stay. Therefore, whether you are traveling to France or you have recently moved there, find a beautiful and smart escort close to you and enjoy your time spent in this amazing place.

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